Movember 2012

Pic of Chris Remspecher for Movember 2012.

November aka Movember is the second last month of each year. Some might already fear – OMG – Christmas is near!

After 10 months of stress, what about taking part in a global movement which gives you, and others, a daily reminder what is one of the most important things in life: your health.

Movember is about showing the world, that you care about your-self. Yes, it started to be a men’s thing only BUT these days fine ladies are also taking part in Movember!

If Movember 2012 sounds like something for you, have a look and maybe you like to donate something via my account directly to Movember:

/edit: and here’s the final mustache result on the last day of Movember 2012:Chris Remspecher last day of Movember 2012.



Thank you and namaste!

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