Finding Happiness – SleepyOne Ayurveda Beach Resort Day 3

Picture by Chris Remspecher in 2016 on the way finding happiness.SleepyOne Ayurveda Beach Resort Day 3 – finding happiness

A rainy day, filled with finding happiness and even more frogs :) In the past, rain has never been my best friend. That changed when I got to know Ala”™aa from Kuwait. She loves rain! Since I send her clouds and rain, oh and snow, videos whenever possible, my perception of rain changed drastically. In Europe we tend to complain when it rains. If you think about it, every plant needs rain and the sun. We breathe in and out. All the time only sun is”¦ well – Kuwait :) Today was a very rainy day and surprisingly, it made at least 3 people happy.

This brings us directly to the Ayurveda center.

Today the information sign had the following message:

“The answer lies within ourselves. If we can”™t find peace and happiness then it”™s not going to come from outside”¦”

Take rain. It made me sad in the past. Rain these days is still wet but makes me smile now. The rain did not change. Experience and knowledge changed my pre-programmed reaction towards rain. How can we change our coding? Let”™s keep it easy and have a look at our routine “Rain”:

Rain {

       weather = what_is_the_weather_outside?

       if weather=rain

The trick and problem we have is our bandwidth for mood$. Horrible, desperate, sad, bored, yeah, ok-ish, okey, good, great, supergreat, awesome, terrific, bombastic and YUM! A lot of choices. If you want to sell marmalade don”™t present the customer more than 5 different flavours. If you present more, they will be confused, too much information, and finally the brain will lock-down and start the escape routine – they run away.

A ZEN proposal: can we reduce the code variables for mood$, say down to 3?

sad – smile – happy

Next time it rains, you might still be sad. Around the 3rd time you notice the new code still has a bug. That”™s OK. Our brains need some time to compile the new code. You reached the next level when you suddenly notice yourself watching or standing in the rain and you smile :) When you are happy with your new rain routine, you can move on with the next one on your path finding happiness.

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  1. Greetings to everyone! ️
    It is really absorbing to read about Chris’ experience in India and it’s only day 3 – so hopefully there will be many more!
    What I would like to say here is that it is no mean feat to bring happiness and joy in our lives. Changing one’s ”pre-programmed reaction” (as the author of the blog puts it) towards things demands time and much work… My steps on this way seem so tiny…
    Perhaps we could just give a permission to ourselves to be happy, relax and be happy at last! (It’s not that I really mind hard work! I just see that my reactions are predetermined by somebody else – mostly by parents and grandparents so it might be not a bad idea to get rid of that unnecessary load at last taking only positive things with me and leaving all the rest behind).
    Today I would like to express my personal gratitude to Chris for his inspiration on the way to happiness, a better self and a better world! It is not just useful, in a perspective it opens up splendid vistas for changing oneself to the better and finding joy in every moment (and certainly I share all the good ideas which are new for me with my relatives and close friends).
    The code to choose one’s mood from is awesome and the extract describing the way Ala’aa loves rain is lovely! Somehow I associate rain with the song ”Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” and this video I accidentally watched in my childhood:
    Best wishes and let everyone enjoy rain!

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