Help your soccer friends to relax

Maybe you noticed it already, it’s 2010 and another soccer world cup is shaking our planet (besides other things…). Personally I would say I am a part-time soccer fan but in these days, whoever I meet, from 5 year old kid to 93 year old grandma, at some point it comes up: “Do you know when the next soccer game is? How did they play?”

If you have an iPhone – relax, there’s an app for that! The best I found so far is iLiga South Africa from motain. It’s a great tool with easy overviews, live ticker and fine summaries. Have fun and help your friends!

iTunes USA iLiga South Africa

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Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic in his wheelchair Nick Vujicic – maybe his soul was traveling faster than light on his way to Earth, making sure he arrives in time. He reminds me of a bright comet, who had a hard landing but the waves of his impact still extend to these days…

Next time you feel stressed or grumpy, invest a thought or two and think about, how it would be for Nick. Being born without arms and legs, well, maybe you know the dilemma, when you cut yourself accidentally into your thumb. Nick Vujicic reminds me of the relativity of stress and what it means to be independent. At the end, we are all inter-dependent, I even can’t think of a way how you could be *really* isolated in your life.

And finally, I pondered for a long time about the importance of a hug. Hug more, hugs! 🙂

Watch a 4 minutes video of him on YouTube

Pre-order his book coming October 26, 2010 Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

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Enjoy a mini break

OUT NOW! ZEN-MEN Medi-X videos are chillaxing for eyes and ears.
These modern short meditations help you to focus whilst you enjoy mini breaks during the day. Experience the here and now and create refreshing moments for your brain and your being.

All 12 full versions of vol.01 are in high quality and have a length of 5 minutes each. (Even higher than on YouTube!)
For example here:
More information about the Medi-X project can be found here.
Audio from: Medi-X vol.001+101
Video locations: Mauritius, South of France, Finland

To celebrate the release, I am giving away 100 FULL videos for FREE! Just write me an E-mail, include your name and country and which one of the 12 videos you would like to get and I will send you an E-mail with your download link.

Thank you!

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Stress and Autism

Stress and Autism; you could say that’s not your topic if you consider your-self as a “normal” person (whatever normal is…). In the past, mankind found gold nuggets, answers, solutions and hope in so called unrelated areas like foreign cultures, religions, dreams, chaos, spirituality, absinthe, drugs, conversations and blogs. I invite you to dive into a 10 questions interview I recently did with a friend and come back with some interesting insights for you…

A sneak in:

2. When you hear/ read the word stress, what comes first into your mind?
A.: that’s a difficult one. lots of things happening at once, and all needing attention at the same time, maybe. (…)

3. How would you describe your relation to your brain, to your heart?
A: for me, my heart is what pumps blood. (…)

6. What do you do, when you feel stressed?
A: i’ll try to get rid of lesser priority tasks that make me stressed. (…)

10 Questions by CFR
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Felicity with FeliciTEA meets Dragon Well

felicitea and dragon well
It’s teatime again! I got more tea from wearetea/ London, thanks Mikel!

Felicitea – the happiness tea

Fact; we can’t all be happy all the time. Whether the central heating system has decided to pack up, you’ve just become single again or you’re just down on your luck in general, we all need a pick me up from time to time to help us to remember how good life can be. Felicitea may not be able to fix the boiler, repair broken relationships or being good luck but it can provide a moment of happiness and we think that is priceless.

I did open it, the tea, the flowers, the colors – the perfume… instant happiness! 😀 I suddenly saw the tea scene of Alice in Wonderland before my eyes (the 2010 Tim Burton version), thought of pink Hubba Bubba chewing gums from my youth. The tea triggered funny memories in my brain and delivered a wonderful carpet with its taste to enjoy and dive into those precious emotions. Priceless!

Dragon well is one of the most sought after green teas in the world, notice the “great taste gold 09” award. There is not much to write about this tea. The leaves are perfect, the aroma is amazing and the taste is stunning. Immediate feng shui for your being!

Again, thank you Daren and Suzanne for making such great teas!

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Stress and Sadness

How is stress related to sadness? A friend of mine sent me a text yesterday about her saddness(with double d). She offered me to publish her text on my blog, if I like. I do, thanks Myloh!

It also made me think about the joy of sadness. Some beings seem to be happy being sad. I nearly get the impression, they just pause their sadness with some happy breaks just to dive back into a deeper sadness… I remember a few years back, when somebody called me on the phone and asked: How’s life? I often answered: Oh, its very stressy! Being in stress was(is) socially accepted  as a normal state, if you are stressed you are OK. Are you?

I stopped telling me multiple times a day that I am stressed, it somehow developed to a social mantra. Imagine the comic in your brain: We received another stress command! Stress! We are stressed again! More stress hormones, quick!
From time to time look up and listen to how you program yourself, input – output. Do not enter what you don’t want – hack in what you REALLY want!

Something strange happens when a woman cries….

you can hear the slow breaking of her heart as if a solid strong rock suddenly becomes delicate hand-blown glass…

The silent rushing of a tiny stream is heard as she frees her tears and lets them fall like a gentle rain that cleanses her soul.

her pain is heard from the bottom of her tummy to the top of her throat as she moans in a devestating pain…. a pain that no one else knows, something so emotional, so deeply hidden has now manifested itself into the physical.

Her eyes tell of her silent agony, of a truth that was known but not yet realized… no… that has been denied.

saddness has it’s beauty…. for it cannot be truly hidden.

Oh sweet saddness, you who comforts me, who rocks me to sleep and revives me feeling refreshed and ready to start again…. embrace me now with your fullness…. let me crumble to your bidding yet again…. and let me once again be reborn like the Phoenix, who is stronger, wiser and more beautiful than before.

Until we meet once more…

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The relativity of Time

Time is relative. Very. In an accident seconds pass by like in slow motion, the minutes you wait for the ambulance to arrive extend to eternity. You see people with green trees on their cars and you think; is it already Christmas again? On your 30, 40, 50, 60th birthday you wonder how did all this years fly by? Sounds familiar?

A look at my Sinn watch shows me time is ticking away, one second after another, precise, unimpressed by my worries not to have enough time. It’s just ticking, tick, tick, tick. Is it real? Do you know the days, when you fight against windmills, nothing seems to move on or works properly. Other days everything is in the flow; you, life, time – all fine. What’s the difference?

Maybe it’s like rafting on the river of life. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Wild and weird – peaceful and clear. When our course in life needs a correction, we are lucky to have friends which help us to paddle back on our track. Stones might show us the way, water flows like tides of time – a.way.

All the world is changing. Life is, to traverse a particular time, a certain space, and with a little luck, to leave a few traces behind.
Elie Wiesel

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TMI relax with TweetDeck

TweetDeck. Now also on iPhone.TMI, you can drown into Too Much Information or relax with TweetDeck. Maybe you already have discovered social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn. The nearly endless supply of information on the one hand and the limited 24 hours per day on the other hand call for a tool which helps you to get more signal and less noise.

TweetDeck is a real-time web browser which gives you a clear view over your social networks. I use it on the PC side of life, on the MacPro and on the go with my iPhone. It really helps me to keep in touch and at the same time chillax. One of my favorite features is Add Column. For Twitter I currently have two columns, one for my twitter friends I want to follow tightly and one for the BIG real-time twitter news stream. Very effective way to filter information like YOU want it!

TweetDeck’s cross-connection is also great. Easily post a picture on the go via iPhone to your twitpic account or shorten your URLs conveniently with your account. In addition you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, post directly to Facebook and much, much more! Happy socializing!

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let it sync

Let it sync. Recently I felt a bit stressed and bumped into a friend who asked me about my world. That day I had, once more, the illusion I might not have enough time. I told him about my worries and that I am aware I dropped into the time-trap again. He only said: Let it sync.

It made me ponder for a while – those mini happy moments when all is synced: my Google Calendar, Contacts and Mail via an exchange server to my iPhone, the iTunes music library, my bank account, my blog, my life. Perfect!
And then, in a fraction of a second, chaos is back. Like the Buddhists say, chaos and decay are the natural state of things. What about inner and outer pressure? Would it help to let it sync? How?

For me being blood type 0 positive, thats another story, I found a good mixture out of meditation, tea and sports. Add a good talk with a friend to it in any mixture and I can easily let it sync. How do you sync?

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Power-Naps by ZEN-MEN

Today it is Saturday here in Germany. Maybe you have had a stressful week, feel tired and now are trying to slow down over the weekend. This seems kinda unfair to me, using much of my free time to recover from the week. A while back I started to create Power-Naps by ZEN-MEN. The music and the woven-in brain tones are designed to bring you the relaxation level of a normal two hours sleep in 15 minutes. My friends have already asked me for a sleep-in only version of those Power-Naps, and I am working on that as well.

In Asia naps are widely accepted by society, it’s a sign that the person having a nap is looking consciously after his/her body and health. Latest developments even brought nap-shells to airports and official offices here in Germany. Use naps as an addition to a good normal sleep and actively transform a small amount of downtime to a 15 minute ritual for your body, mind and soul. Please share your experiences in the comments. Thank you!

FREE download via the ZEN-MEN video podcast at iTunes

Due to public requests more FREE download options:

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