ZEN-MEN for ommwriterOmmwriter is. ZEN is. Together a unique timeless tool which helps you to import your creative nuclear fusions of thoughts. Lightnings become writings. Typing with Ommwriter transforms time into space, induces wideness into your maze. The mind settles down, light and profound.
Ommwriter is currently in beta v2 and available free for the Mac OSX/ SL platform.

ZEN-MEN did create a special theme for Ommwriter consisting out of a new background, antique typing sounds and an 8 minute version of the special ZEN-MEN “AlphawaveZ” music track. A short “manual – how to” is in the free downloadable ZIP file. Enjoy!

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2512 Christmas

2512-ChristmasA few years back I was asked by some friends, if I could make music for the Christmas time BUT finally relaxing, in lounge style, in short: perfect to chillout in the (most times) not-so-relaxed December time… “2512-Christmas” by ZEN-MEN was born and just got nominated by JPF in 2009 for one of the best holiday albums. Its available as oldskool CD or at iTunes.
Have a chillaxed Christmas time!
ZEN-MEN at iTunes

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