Lessons learned in 2012

ecole by Chris Remspecher.Some say, time is a healer. Maybe time is also a teacher. What did 2012 teach you?

Let me recall some of my lessons learned:

  • Maya apocalypse done. Survived. Another “end of the world” is over. I wonder how much stress it did sell…
  • You can”™t be happy for somebody else. If they decided to be unhappy, which leads to illnesses on the long run, there is nothing you can do. Ok, you can wait. By the way, being unhappy often precedes a long series of decisions. Consciously, or unconsciously.
  • There is a final frontier of what you can give, personally or work wise. It”™s not a point of no return, for some it”™s just the “you are here” point and you have no idea, how you made it to that point. Most probably, your inner light is burned out. Without any light, it gets difficult and often dangerous to see and pick a healthy way to go on. Make sure you have an emergency candle with you”¦
  • There are more people out there, who need a good friend. They don”™t even look like they have a problem. They are just good actors. Listen carefully to what they say and be a good friend. (Reminder: listening, that”™s the thing where you don”™t talk”¦)
  • Travel. Leave your home, switch off the phones and tablets, and give the World Wide Web a break, at least for 2-3 days (I know, I know”¦). Learn new stuff, take photos to remind you for the time, when you can”™t travel anymore. That time will come. Eckhart Tolle would say: “”¦it will come, soon. Twenty, fifty years, that is soon”¦”

On top of all this, visit yourself. Check frequently, how you are doing. You also invest enough money in your car services, right?

Hope this is useful for you. Have a great 2013! Namaste


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