Energy for the good Life

Energy for the good LifePeanuts + Charlie Brown + iPhone
Energy for the good Life!

The gods of the peanut have sent a tasty tool to Earth: Peanuts now grow in the App Store! I imagine Charlie Brown installing the free app on his iPhone, while he nervously looks at the football and his brain is filled up with one single thought:

Can I kick it???

Lucy holds the ball, Charlie is ready to go – action! While sailing through the air once again, he realizes, something has to be changed. He needs more energy for the good life! But how?

Peanuts! With a loud thud he lands on his back – ouch. “Ground yourself!” was a headline on a glossy, spiritual magazine. Maybe they had a different approach…

That brings us back to the fresh way with which the National Peanut Board wants to help people to get more in balance. The free app for the iPhone/ iPad offers yummy recipes, healthful snacks and a reminder tool. Never ever again run out of peanut butter! And it grows even beyond: a Break button 🙂

Relax with a guided meditation by Stephan Bodian, author of Meditation for Dummies. The full meditation is about 12 minutes. Have a look at your iPhone’s auto-lock settings before you hit the play button. Happy chillaxing with this fine mix out of food, facts and a free-your-mind meditation app. And remember: “You are what you eat.”

iTunes: Peanuts – the free Energy for the good Life App

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Words Of My Perfect Teacher

Sometimes you don’t need many words to describe something:

If he’s enlightened, why doesn’t he act like an enlightened being? … That’s a reasonable question, isn’t it?

Words of my perfect teacher is not only a movie, it’s also a journey inside your heart and soul. Much too often we try to fulfill somebody else’s expectations, we try to follow the rules. On our trail back to real happiness, we either will have to break some rules or  we might lose our-self. Choose wisely! Words of My Perfect Teacher – DVD

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How to install iOS4 the relaxed way

Christmas comes early this year, the iPhone 4 is near! With the iPhone 4 comes the operating system update now called iOS 4, which will also bring new features for iPhone 3G(s) and the latest iPod touch generations.

Since I am waiting for a white iPhone 4, I thought in the meantime, let’s upgrade my iPhone 3G to iOS4. Let me take you on a trip! 🙂

First of all, relax – get some tea, beer, … whatever you like and free some time to do the upgrade. Depending on your iPhone (iPod touch) model, your connection speed and available download bandwidth from the Apple server, plus your data size, it will take about from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Go into airplane mode, take a manual backup via iTunes, save your settings, call your mum, sync all, export your sales from the iPhone into the library, have a tea, click slowly. Then hit the update button to install 4.0. Click through the windows, accept here and there and be happy when it starts. Now might come the tricky part, if the upgrade makes again a backup, and the progress bar hangs for over 30 minutes at two bars, hit cancel. Start again and in the 2nd round, it worked here. Be patient with the progress bar, if you have e.g. 12GB data installed, that will take some time… Time for another tea.

After a while your iPhone will reach its blackout point, wants to be activated again, enter your sim code, when it wants to be plugged into iTunes, unplug the cable, drink some tea, and plug it back in. When the backup starts to rebuild the data, simply wait, the iPhone might reboot and then start to rebuild also all your personal data…

One minute after I connected to the mobile network, I got a SMS from the German Telekom telling me it wants to upgrade the phone driver, hit upgrade. In the settings I read Carrier T-Mobile 7.1 (was 7.0 before).

The new folders are good Feng Shui, cutting down my home pages to only 3 (was 10+). Happy upgrading!

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How to hoover in 2010

Buddha wearing Sennheiser PMX80 Sport II headphonesRecently I was practicing some active Feng Shui, also known as hoovering. Suddenly the doorbell rang, I paused the iPod, opened the door and looked into the surprised eyes of my neighbor (Hi Bettina!).
She: “What are you doing? Listening to music while hoovering?”
Me: “Yep.”
She: “Now that’s a cool idea!”
Me: 🙂

For me the sound of a vacuum cleaner sounds stressy but with fine music and great equipment you can turn the hoover act into a hovering performance. With the Sennheiser PMX 80 Sport Series II headphones I finally found for me the perfect companion. A full sound, very convenient to wear and a fancy design!

Very practical for hoovering, perfect for sport like trail running, elevating during a walk into nature (especially with ZEN-MEN music 😉 ). Happy hoovering! Sennheiser PMX80 Sport Series II

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Felicity with FeliciTEA meets Dragon Well

felicitea and dragon well
It’s teatime again! I got more tea from wearetea/ London, thanks Mikel!

Felicitea – the happiness tea

Fact; we can’t all be happy all the time. Whether the central heating system has decided to pack up, you’ve just become single again or you’re just down on your luck in general, we all need a pick me up from time to time to help us to remember how good life can be. Felicitea may not be able to fix the boiler, repair broken relationships or being good luck but it can provide a moment of happiness and we think that is priceless.

I did open it, the tea, the flowers, the colors – the perfume… instant happiness! 😀 I suddenly saw the tea scene of Alice in Wonderland before my eyes (the 2010 Tim Burton version), thought of pink Hubba Bubba chewing gums from my youth. The tea triggered funny memories in my brain and delivered a wonderful carpet with its taste to enjoy and dive into those precious emotions. Priceless!

Dragon well is one of the most sought after green teas in the world, notice the “great taste gold 09” award. There is not much to write about this tea. The leaves are perfect, the aroma is amazing and the taste is stunning. Immediate feng shui for your being!

Again, thank you Daren and Suzanne for making such great teas!

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Your Blood Type drives your Stress Type

eat right 4 your typeDo you know your blood type? In times of iPads and worldwide networks it still amazes me, that most people don’t know something so fundamental as their own blood type. In 2010 we are approx. 7 billion(!) humans on this tiny planet, maybe 7000 different languages and dialects worldwide, so many different types of individuals, but, only four blood types(0, A, B, AB). Does this ring a bell?

I was strict vegetarian for about 20 years in my life until one day I had the feeling, something is missing. What do you do when your body starts to send (pain) signals? You ignore or investigate – your choice. As always when I start digging, soon the right people, friends, books etc show up. In this case, a book from Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo – “Eat right for your type”.

In short: you don’t fill gasoline into your diesel car and vice versa. I am blood type 0+ and while reading the book I had fireworks of enlightenments! A few things I already found out myself over the years, like when I eat normal wheat pasta, I get sleepy after the meal and soon after I am hungry again. Why didn’t I get that book right at my birth? It would have saved me a lot of stress and would have told me earlier how I can cope best with my stress type. Blood type 0 reduces stress very good with active sport, in my case trail running or mountain biking. Blood type A would rather go to a Yoga class.

“We are what we eat.” You will find a wide range of recommendations for suitable or not-so-suitable food in the book(and MUCH more…!). Yes, as always there are exceptions to the rule, but those lists made me re-start eating fish and since then my body system is more balanced. Discover your blood type, then manage your stress type! Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight

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Yogi Tea Ginseng

Ginseng teaYogi Tea is more than the sum of its parts. For me it’s a micro universe around a tea bag. The package already invites you to discover a lot of fine details and information, not only about tea. Serving Your Spirit is a claim from Golden Temple Natural products, the company which makes Yogi Tea. Many years of knowledge and experience in Taoism, Ayurveda and, let me summarize it, the wisdom about Yin and Yang create its great fundament.

Besides the outstanding tea made of organic ingredients you will find mini-manuals for some Tai Chi moves or a Yoga pose. If you have a tea bag version of Yogi Tea you get a kinda additional fortune teller or let’s say a cosmic reminder. Each tea bag has a tiny message for you, the last one I got was simply: Keep up.

The many varieties always offer the perfect flavor for every occasion through the day- and nighttimes. Most times I pick the Yogi Tea of my choice by intuition or maybe it’s simply the resonance of my magnetic field and the tea. Yogi Tea for your body, mind and soul.

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How often did you print out an unexpected email or even a SMS you got from a friend? I recently stood in front of the fridge and looked upon all those pinned postcards. These ancient transmitters of feelings and information still have a high value for me. Time stands still and you travel with all your senses to Rapa Nui, a long voyage (if you don’t live there directly), even the card itself lets you know, it was en route quite some time with all its scratches and bumped corners and edges… Especially in our fast time with emails, waves, IMs, blips and tweets – a postcard can become a ZEN ticket. I got one with “ZEN center -here-” on it. Thanks Valerie!
Being a fan of the Golden Middle Way, I happily use all the new, sterile and superfast tools ‘but’ I also appreciate an oldskool postcard, which I easily can pin to the fridge.
Write more postcards – if you don’t know whom –  I still have some free space on the fridge! 😉

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perfect tea time

teaWhen you have some great friends, it can happen, that suddenly some perfect tea walks into your door, now add a few free hours and some fine hot water. Wonderful ingredients for a lovely time.
“jade oolong” you could name a tea of the golden middle way, somewhere between green tea and black tea. While enjoying the tea, for me, it was like walking into a transparent buddha made of jade and being totally surrounded by vapor. Inhaling this tranquillity did center my being and slowly brought me back into another reality where I hold a cup of tea in my right hand. Very ZEN.
“whole rose buds”, well, if you ever heard somebody singing “I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses…”, this tea is the next generation. The smell of those lovely buds is simply fantastic. You might fall instantly in love with this “tea”, well I did. It took my a looong moment to realize that this amazing gift is meant to be tea. While brewing I felt like a perfume designer and alchemist. Drinking this essence was like diving into an ocean of roses. In a poetical way: liquid love.

In case you have not yet informed your friends what to bring with them to your next perfect tea talk, have a look at
Thank you, for making such great teas!

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