Your Blood Type drives your Stress Type

eat right 4 your typeDo you know your blood type? In times of iPads and worldwide networks it still amazes me, that most people don’t know something so fundamental as their own blood type. In 2010 we are approx. 7 billion(!) humans on this tiny planet, maybe 7000 different languages and dialects worldwide, so many different types of individuals, but, only four blood types(0, A, B, AB). Does this ring a bell?

I was strict vegetarian for about 20 years in my life until one day I had the feeling, something is missing. What do you do when your body starts to send (pain) signals? You ignore or investigate – your choice. As always when I start digging, soon the right people, friends, books etc show up. In this case, a book from Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo – “Eat right for your type”.

In short: you don’t fill gasoline into your diesel car and vice versa. I am blood type 0+ and while reading the book I had fireworks of enlightenments! A few things I already found out myself over the years, like when I eat normal wheat pasta, I get sleepy after the meal and soon after I am hungry again. Why didn’t I get that book right at my birth? It would have saved me a lot of stress and would have told me earlier how I can cope best with my stress type. Blood type 0 reduces stress very good with active sport, in my case trail running or mountain biking. Blood type A would rather go to a Yoga class.

“We are what we eat.” You will find a wide range of recommendations for suitable or not-so-suitable food in the book(and MUCH more…!). Yes, as always there are exceptions to the rule, but those lists made me re-start eating fish and since then my body system is more balanced. Discover your blood type, then manage your stress type! Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Deutsche Ãœbersetzung
Kennst du deine Blutgruppe? In Zeiten von iPads und weltweiten Netzwerken ist es immer noch erstaunlich für mich, dass die meisten Menschen so etwas fundamentales, wie ihre eigene Blutgruppe, nicht kennen. In 2010 sind wir ca. 7 Milliarden(!) Menschen auf diesem winzigen Planet, vielleicht 7000 verschiedene Sprachen und Dialekte weltweit, so viele verschiedene Individuen, aber, nur vier Blutgruppen(0, A, B, AB). Klingelt da etwas?

Ich war circa 20 Jahre in meinem Leben strikter Vegetarier bis ich eines Tages das Gefühl hatte, irgendetwas fehlt. Was machst du, wenn dein Körper anfängt dir (Schmerz-) Signale zu senden? Du ignorierst sie, oder du gehst der Sache nach – deine Entscheidung. Wie immer wenn ich anfange zu graben, tauchen bald die richtigen Leute, Freunde, Bücher usw. auf. In diesem Fall ein Buch von Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo – “4 Blutgruppen”.

In kurz: du tankst kein Benzin in dein Dieselauto und umgekehrt. Ich bin Blutgruppe 0+ und während ich das Buch las, hatte ich Feuerwerke von Erleuchtungen! Einige Dinge hatte ich schon selbst über die Jahre herausgefunden, zum Beispiel, wenn ich normale Weizenpasta esse werde ich danach schläfrig und bald darauf habe ich wieder Hunger. Warum hatte ich dieses Buch nicht gleich zu meiner Geburt bekommen? Es hätte mir einigen Stress erspart und hätte mir früher gesagt, wie ich am besten mit meinem Stresstyp umgehen kann. Blutgruppe 0 reduziert Stress sehr gut mit aktivem Sport, in meinem Fall mit Trail Running und Moutain Biking. Blutgruppe A würde eher in eine Yoga Stunde gehen.

“Wir sind was wir essen.” Du wirst eine breite Auswahl von Empfehlungen für bekömmliche und nicht-so-bekömmliche Speisen in diesem Buch finden(und noch EINIGES mehr…!). Ja, es gibt wie immer Ausnahmen von der Regel, aber diese Listen brachten mich dazu, wieder Fisch zu essen und seither ist mein Körper-System ausgeglichener. Entdecke deine Blutgruppe, dann manage deinen Stress Typ! 4 Blutgruppen: Die Strategien und das Kochbuch für ein gesundes Leben

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  1. Great article! Very useful intro to the Blood Type Diet. Happy to hear your success with this groundbreaking diet.

  2. Thanks for spreading the word. The Blood Type Diet works, I wish I got the book 30 years ago.

  3. Thank you for sharing, especially in two languages!

    This is important all over the world. The only people who do not need to know about this, get their nurition through an IV tube!

  4. Read this book many years ago. Wish I had adhered to this diet back then. Today I suffer from the diseases it said I would have IF I ate the wrong foods…autoimmune. I’m back to eating Right for my Type and feeling all the better. I’m a B+ and should NEVER eat chicken, tomatoes, peanuts, corn, and wheat (unless I want to feel really crapy!) I recommend this lifestyle of eating to everyone for better health and energy.

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  6. KBS,

    Science is how the Blood Type Diet began– with medical literature from the 1950’s pointing out the tremendous correlation between blood type and ulcers, cardiovascular disease and cancers of the stomach. Just because an opinionated “professional” hasn’t seen the research for himself, doesn’t mean the science isn’t there. Why don’t you look for yourself.

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  8. KJ, Have you read all of Dr. D’Adamo’s books? Have you read all the research articles on PUBMED or Medline about blood type and non-secretor status and disease susceptibility?

  9. sorry for the delay…

    Thank you everybody for your comments!

    First of all, let me say I have *high* respect for all people working in science, research and QA. My personal life experience showed me various times that a “static view” on things, including science, is simply too limited. If we look back and learn from the past, we easily can find many examples when science(or pseudo-science) told us it is “as-it-is”, maybe even proved it.
    Today we would shake our heads if somebody tells you the earth is flat, or gets carried from turtles, or is the center of the universe.
    I can only say, that I got a wrong *scientific* diagnose by a well respected doctor when I was 16 years young and it took me a while to get back on my track. Dr. D’Adamo’s book was a great tool for me on this way.

    Thanks for listening 🙂


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  11. This book is great, I followed the directions a little book and in three months lost 25 kg 🙂

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