Coffee and Friends by Bar Refaeli

Latte, Cappucino and more!This is a guest post by Bar Refaeli. Bar’s Facebook Page.

Today I wanna write about coffee…
I wrote about Starbucks already and how much money I spend on it every day but now I wanna write about the real stuff. Starbucks has good lattes and Frappuccino”™s but there is nothing better than a real cappuccino or a regular coffee made of great coffee beans.
Every day I need my coffee. It’s funny because 2 years ago I hated coffee. I thought it was the most disgusting drink in the world, way to bitter with a nasty smell.
Funny how things can change.
The ideal taste of a coffee should be a perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity.
A cappuccino is like a cocktail, and the ingredients need to be right. That includes the milk, full fat is the best to make a great cappuccino (but I always ask for skim- or Soy milk).
I ♥ a soy cappuccino or a skinny latte. There are so many types and styles to make a great coffee but no stomach is large enough to taste them all.

The other funny thing about coffee is that it’s also a social event for me. Every time I meet up with a friend we go for a cup of coffee. There is nothing better than to sit down and talk for hours while you”™re enjoying your cup of black gold.

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