Balance Mind Body Soul

Sitting on a Spring. Picture by Chris Remspecher.Balance Mind Body Soul.

Sometimes life delivers so many challenges and changes in a very short time. Maybe you know the feeling of being drowned in information, tons of stuff to do and still, nobody refilled the fridge for you.

Then you read about to balance mind body soul but you don’t have time for it. The guys of the Lift app came up with the idea of creating groups to join a bunch of Jedis, who face the same struggles. So we have set up the body.speech.mind group which will sign you up for the habits of Exercise, Tell a story and Meditate.

If you feel stressed and run on a 24/7 schedule of your (business) life, joining the group might be something for you. Namaste

Lift your self

Logo of Lift.doThe past is gone, the future is uncertain – what will you do with your remaining time? Lift your-self!

Thankfully the guys at did create an app (currently for iPhone only) to help you to track and improve your habits.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Buddha

Thoughts form actions, repeated actions create habits and habits build your character. Are you happy with your current state of mind?

Since you might not be the only one with some not-yet designed future potential, have a look at the uplifting community over at Lift. Improving your habits is much more fun and effective with your pals around!

Tree of Life

Picture for the blog post "Tree of Life"

The Tree of Life.

Yesterday I’ve watched the movie The Tree of Life. Maybe I wouldn’t call it a movie – it’s more like a journey. It might even unlock some unconscious stress in you. It’s a voyage through your hopes and dreams in slow motion.

Besides some stunning visuals there’s one quote engraved into my brain:

“You make yourself what you are and you have control of your own destiny. You can’t say I can’t. You say, ‘I’m havin’ trouble, but I’m not done yet. You can’t say I can’t.” Mr. O’Brien

Go, plant a tree! Even if it’s only your very personal one inside your mind.

What the Plus by Guy Kawasaki

book cover of What the Plus! by Guy KawasakiWhat the Plus by Guy Kawasaki

What the Plus! is the new book by Guy Kawasaki about the social network Google+. Why?

“I hate when people don’t use the best tool. […] My goals are to help you to derive as much joy and value from Google+ as I do and that we can make Google+ tip.” Guy Kawasaki

Do you still drive your first car or live in your very first own room? Once in a while it’s time to move on or at least shift your focus. When Google+ was unveiled in summer 2011 I got an early beta invitation. I logged in, looked around and logged out. TMI, too much information – the days still only have 24h a day.

In the last few months I was looking around for a new way to handle my social media activities. Yes I know Tweetdeck and have a Hootsuite premium account – but still… I don’t know how Guy picks the release dates for his books, but What the Plus! came just in time for me.

After reading What the Plus! I decided to move over to Google+ and cross post from there to Facebook and Twitter. Hop to page #131 to see how to do that the Guy-Kawasaki-way. See you on G+!

Get the ebook at Amazon or iTunes

Sitting On A Spring

Sitting On A Spring is a short meditation by ZEN-MEN.

It was a great surprise to find this lovely dashboard monk in my hardware mail, thanks Theo!

How do I meditate? Its still a question people ask me from time to time. There are many ways – find the one, which suits you best. One easy way would be to watch this video for a while, even in FULL-HD if you like!

Try to relax, sit still and listen to the music if you like. For the music I picked a track, I wrote back then for Florent; “Le Petit Fleur” from the ZEN-MEN album “Rue Lepic”.
Chill-out, dude! 🙂

Relax with your iPhone home screen

my iPhone home screen, 201105Less is sometimes more. I created my new iPhone home screen to remind me several times a day about a few things:

  • an iPhone is a Phone
  • ZEN is about time, perception and messages
  • MEN create Social Media

A Tibetan monk once said, you need an empty space around you – to have room  for your thoughts.

Happy relaxing with your home screen and maybe this is also true for you:

Home is where your heart is.


110000 – Thank You!

110.000 unique visitorsSince the start of Chillaxing the World, the statistics have counted more than 110000 unique visitors.

I want to use this moment and thank all the readers, contributors, supporters and you.

Thank you!

To celebrate the 110k, I wrapped up a small gift for you, a ZEN-MEN Medi-X Video, the Ocean Boat in Mauritius, 5 minutes length, fine quality .MP4, about 142MB.

Watch or download it here for free:



Coffee and Friends by Bar Refaeli

Latte, Cappucino and more!This is a guest post by Bar Refaeli. Bar’s Facebook Page.

Today I wanna write about coffee…
I wrote about Starbucks already and how much money I spend on it every day but now I wanna write about the real stuff. Starbucks has good lattes and Frappuccino’s but there is nothing better than a real cappuccino or a regular coffee made of great coffee beans.
Every day I need my coffee. It’s funny because 2 years ago I hated coffee. I thought it was the most disgusting drink in the world, way to bitter with a nasty smell.
Funny how things can change.
The ideal taste of a coffee should be a perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity.
A cappuccino is like a cocktail, and the ingredients need to be right. That includes the milk, full fat is the best to make a great cappuccino (but I always ask for skim- or Soy milk).
I ♥ a soy cappuccino or a skinny latte. There are so many types and styles to make a great coffee but no stomach is large enough to taste them all.

The other funny thing about coffee is that it’s also a social event for me. Every time I meet up with a friend we go for a cup of coffee. There is nothing better than to sit down and talk for hours while you’re enjoying your cup of black gold.

Relax in Full HD

Some people asked me, if there is also a full length version of the Medi-X Power-Nap by ZEN-MEN available online. Thanks to YouTube, the once 10 minutes limit is a topic of the past now.

Please enjoy and relax with the Power-Nap_201 and choose your resolution up to 1080p Full HD!

Hope it is useful for you.

Namaste 🙂

Xmas Stress 2010

Christmas man with treeChristmas is near and again, it looks like the end of the road. Opening the door for the new year could be great, if there wasn’t your crazy monkey mind reminding you of all the gifts you did not buy yet, your missed goals of 2010, the quality of relations these days and suddenly – you are real down. Xmas, sounds like X-Men to me, you have to be a superhero to break through the stress window in December!

So what about the quality of sleep, your dreams, your hopes and fears? If you had a manual for your life, like the book of not knowing, would that change a thing? Can we learn, that happiness cannot be found (at least not with our regular approach…)?

In 2010, did you have enough energy for the good life? For me, forest bathing and the words of my perfect teacher were great tools to refill my battery. Next year, will you make (only) a sequel of the movie of your life or will you breathe to relax?

Stress and Sadness often go hand in hand and the relativity of time might teach you the value of emptiness. Try to enjoy a mini break here and there and remember that your blood type drives your stress type!

Let it sync, take a Power-Nap by ZEN-MEN, write more postcards, have a perfect tea time and stop waiting for a better offer. I have made 2512-Christmas to help you to relax in the Xmas harvest time – hopefully it is useful for you.

For the new year, I wish you all good health, much love and FUN to chop (the) wood! 🙂