Crazy Monkey Mind

Mingyur RinpocheMeet your Crazy Monkey Mind!

Mingyur Rinpoche gave a great talk about how our mind exaggerates tiny problems, the stress of wisdom and the meditation of sound.

He explains in a very funny way, why our Monkey Mind is so happy to get a job! In addition he shares his knowledge about the importance of the balance between wisdom and experience.

Give the video at least 11 minutes of your time until you decide if you like it or not… Warning: Watching the video might hurt your belly and make you wanna say to yourself: “I am gooooood!” 😉

/edit: the video moved on the Rigpa website. The detailed title is: Mingyur Rinpoche, public talk in Lerab Ling, 11 September 2010: Calming the Mind: The Practice of Awareness Meditation

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