Another day in paradise or why life is so lovely

Another day in paradise picture for the blog post by Chris Remspecher in 2016.Another day in paradise or why life is so lovely

Not everyday feels like another day in paradise. Some start weird, tired, sad or a mixture of all. Recently a workmate died very unexpectedly and way too early. Most of us were shocked, sad or just did not want to believe it.

Right now, it”™s just like he is still on holidays.

Yesterday was his funeral. It was sunny, hot and a bit windy. If you wear a black suit with a tie while standing in the direct sunlight, it”™s like waiting for the overheating alert on your mobile phone. My brain was about to complain not being within acceptable operating temperatures, but thankfully the ZEN switch kicked in and suddenly I was very happy to be alive!

Life is so lovely outside your comfort zone!

Why do we (I) need funerals or serious illnesses to really understand that each day is another day in paradise? When you wake up tired or feel totally like a sleepy one, there are at least two options:

  • hating the day, work, life and every mosquito on the planet
  • modeling a micro grin and being thankful for another day in paradise

Do you remember how many training lessons your brain needed to keep you in balance on a bicycle? Our brain needs our help for a better morning routine! Some ideas of a better foundation for your day:

  1. realize you are awake, breathe in and out, smile
  2. stand up (slowly) and drink a glass of (warm) water
  3. do a short meditation for 1-2 minutes
  4. eat something light like an oatmeal with an apple
  5. surprise somebody with a special smile 🙂

At the end of the day, or your life, all those little things changed us. A smile, a motivating ”žwe will make it!“ or a friendly ”žgood morning“. Thank you!

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  1. Hello! 🙂 This post reminds me of a situation which happened to me some ten years ago – one doctor suspected that I might have breast cancer – I remember I felt tired of work and daily routine and felt like a squeezed orange but I thought that I would be glad to work twice as much and sleep much less if I only had a chance to live and stay healthy. Luckily enough, the suspicion of cancer stayed only a suspicion 🙂
    Life is so full of joy – so many things to try and experience – right now I’m back from the seaside where I had professional massage for the first time (what a wonderful thing it is!), tried para-sailing and enjoyed a photo session and I have a lot of plans of what I’m going to do at my home place too!!! (I’m going to squeeze oranges for breakfast, for instance 😀 )
    I’m glad Chris keeps on writing new posts, I wish more people radiated positive vibes!
    Best wishes to everyone!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing

    You are absulutely right. None of us are given out book of life, thank god. So, we do not know when it it our time.
    To me and many it feels like it is to much time.
    Your piece made me think. What if it is not?

    I treasure all the gold pieces in my life. I am truely blessed and I realise that every day.
    Now lets step out of my comfort zone. Because that is the thing that I would regret for not having done.

    Smiling at you big guy. A geourgous, heartwarming and heartfelt smile. So happy you are in the world!

    Huggs Yve

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