Lessons learned in 2016

Lessons learned in 2016 by Chris Remspecher.

Lessons learned in 2016

My personal keyword for 2016 is: health. So essential and yet so overlooked, underestimated and out of focus in our busy lives. We take it for granted, most times we take little responsibility but feel huge anger when our body gives us signals. How did my Ayurveda chief doctor in India say ”žour bodies are wonderful machines“. Again, all starts with the monkeys in our head.

”žYou are what you think.“ Buddha, Ghandi, your brain, any TV, ”¦

What”™s going on inside your head? Are you the BOSS of your neurons? How do you sleep? Some say, we are all connected. If we talk about the internet, nobody would disagree. And then again, is your consciousness connected to your body signals? Do you notice them AND do you take action according to them?

Maybe you like to work a lot to feel needed. Your body is your greatest supporter and delivers more for less over a real long period. A day filled with 8 hours of work, or 9, 10, well, more is possible, too. At one point, you feel out of balance but that’s a relative feeling. There are a lot of tricky things to make you feel ”žback in the game“. They even work for a little while and your body keeps sending you signals. Off course, you can also ignore the red flashing low fuel sign in your car. Finally, your body will tell you when it needs your immediate attention and pulls in the hard brakes. You know it: ”žoh hello sickness“ or if you are on the professional level ”žoh hello hospital“.

Do we learn from it? Hopefully. For a little while in the aftershock we are super sensible, cautious, enlightened and eat super healthy, treat our body first class, pray and what else is needed to get it back on track. And then, laziness strikes back. No signals, no attention, bring on the champagne and potato chips!

In the last few years, I seen too many good people die way too early. Life is short. And just recently I had to disagree with my best friend in London about ”ževerything is under control“. Nothing is under control. Think about it. We don”™t even know if our galaxy is inside a dream of a squirrel and thats the real reason why the world is going nuts these days!

My lessons learned in 2016?

  • Life is short.
  • Your health is your wealth.
  • Life is a journey, only travel with those, who will catch you in case you fall.
  • Your brain is your world: shit in, shit out.
  • You can”™t buy happiness. Yeah, no real news.
  • Ayurveda is kick-ass science!

If I have useless suggestions for 2017?

  • Get your brain in order. Train it, own it. Re-write your code. Meditate. You create your world.
  • Be crazy. Intelligent. Love your-self.
  • Let all energy suckers go. Yes Steph, also you!
  • No need to save the world. Save your own ass and drag some others with you.
  • Travel. Life is a journey. If physical not possible for you, feed your brain with new nuts.
  • SMILE! 😊

Hope this is somehow useful for you. And thank you to all those lovely souls worldwide who kick my ass to write more on my blog. Bizous!

Namaste Chris

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  1. Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂
    The end or the beginning of a year is a good time to estimate one’s latest achievements, so a day before the new year I was complaining to a good friend of mine that I had none… It was a wonderful year filled with many awesome things, but I don’t really remember anything that drove me to the point of exhaustion – so I didn’t have that rewarding feeling that in spite of all the difficulties I had done this, that and that! I just did all the usual things plus I tried a few new ones, and, strange enough I found time for my hobbies and my health too, but it can’t be called a positive achievement, can it? 😛 How do we estimate our life? In what?
    On the eve of the new year I made peace with the year 2016 🙂 An important thing happened, kind attitude to the world and people in it – the one I had already lost – started returning to me, it might be connected with acceptance of the world the way it is without having high expectations and the permission to oneself to be oneself and it is surely connected with the work one does with the brain – this is what the author of the blog calls for, so many thanks for that! 🙂 Having positive feelings towards the world fills one with happiness, we all could be kind to others just because it would give so much pleasure to ourselves…
    This time Chris has also touched upon the topic of letting energy suckers go, what is exactly meant here?
    May this year fill all the hearts with peace and joy! 🙂

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