Lessons learned in 2015

Lessons learned in 2015 wallpaper by Chris Remspecher.My lessons learned in 2015 look like this:

  1. The impossible is possible.
  2. Death is a daily feature of life.
  3. Staying fit needs time.
  4. Money shows character.
  5. Friends.

Lessons learned in 2015 explained:

One: the impossible is possible. Trust your intuition, listen what people really say (or NOT say), help them to achieve their goals, lead, live and do what you say. Oh, and if you make a mistake, admit it – people will understand and help you.

Two: death is all around us. And that’s ok. I still turn my hourglass twice a day to remind myself to use my time wisely.

Three: having a gym-membership does not automatically keep you fit. Plan your health-schedule like priority 1 meetings. And find somebody to kick your a$$.

Four: some people are so nice. They smile and give you hugs. Then life throws money on the table and suddenly they transform to Gollum “My precious!”.

Five: Friends. You can’t buy friends. And they are not for free. Be a friend and if you have a handful true friends, you are a lucky one.

May 2016 be full of ZEN for you. Namaste.

Desktop wallpaper for lessons learned in 2015 is 2048 x 1365 px. Parallax iPhone wallpaper please find below. Make sure to click the pix until they are full-size, then save on your device. Hope they are useful for you.

Lessons learned in 2015. Picture and text by Chris Remspecher.

One Reply to “Lessons learned in 2015”

  1. First of all, let me thank the author of the blog for all the beautiful pictures, music and thoughts expressed here.
    My own experience tells me too that the impossible is possible. This idea can stimulate us to achievements which we have never imagined to be within our reach.
    We also tend to consider (at least I used to do it) that something terrible which happens every day to thousands of people will never enter our lives – it seems to be impossible! The reality turns out to be different.
    On a sunny summer day at the age of 18 I was informed that the person whom I loved most of all in this world had died in a car-crash.
    The total unpredictability of it together with all the pain this news brought made me want to die at first, than as some time passed I had just no desire to live, later I learned to love life again. I also learned that death can take anyone anytime, even the one who makes your own life full of sense. I know it sounds not at all optimistic at the beginning of the new year , but it’s just the reality.
    This reality asks questions like the following: what will I leave to the world if I pass away all of a sudden? Am I kind enough to the people around me whom by a cruel twist of fate I might never see again?
    I would like to wish everyone who reads these lines to be happy this year. Don’t make my mistake in your life, don’t miss the chance of hugging those whom you love and telling them how much you care

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