Body Speech Mind

Body-Speech-Mind balance in Lerab Ling.

Picture for the blog post, body speech mind, by Chris Remspecher.Recently I was lucky to attend a teaching about body speech mind by Khenpo Tsündu Tarching. Here’s my tiny summary for you:

“Is everybody in good health? Yes? Good. Because no health, not good for anybody.”

We are tired after a five minutes’ walk. We have become so lazy. We do this and that and waste so much time. Remember, you never get again, again this life. What’s right or wrong – you decide. Engage with your body speech mind.

Always watch yourself: who am I?

Our true nature of mind is full of wisdom. Disturbing emotions always lead to trouble.

Tsündu Tarching’s opinion is “the more religions, the more benefits”. On the bright side, it leads to more communication about religion, on the dark side, it creates human suffering. Try to remove bad thoughts; they will poison every action from the start of your bad intention until your final action.

“All mistakes come from misunderstandings.” Khenpo Tsündu Tarching

“So what is Buddhism” somebody asked. His answer: “It’s a way of life, a message, a description of phenomena.”

And remember: whatever you are looking for, it’s only for this life!


Blocked Paths

Picture for the blog post "Blocked Paths" by Chris Remspecher.

You have a plan. You have a map. And sometimes blocked paths are a gift.

In most cases, you get something like a pre-warning, a sign, a phone call, a bad feeling in your stomach. Since many of us are busy and stressed, we tend to overlook those hints and suddenly we are totally surprised by blocked paths.

What can you do now?

  • You can wait. Meditate and hope the barrier disappears.
  • You can turn back. And go back the same path that brought you here…
  • You can look around. Use all your senses, maybe you overlooked a tiny new path that navigates you into a new direction.
  • You can ask: yourself, your true friends and your family. You might not like the answers at first.
  • You can do something. Change some mosaic pieces of the picture. If impossible right now in the outer world, start with your inner world. Start with a smile.

Remember: blocked paths can also be a gift. They force you to stop, recalculate your life, change. Namaste


wolkenlos - poemA poem I found at a wall, author (to me so far) unknown:

There should be more less for you in 2011.
The sky cloudless,
your heart carefree,
your luck wantless,
your guardian angel jobless,
your mind weightless,
your happiness limitless,
your love doubtless,
your work effortless and
the good times endless.

In German:
Im Jahr 2011 soll für Dich jede Menge los sein. Der Himmel wolkenlos, dein Herz sorglos, dein Glück wunschlos, dein Schutzengel arbeitslos, dein Gemüt schwerelos, deine Freude grenzenlos, deine Liebe zweifellos, deine Arbeit mühelos und die guten Zeiten endlos.

Decisions by Bar Refaeli

Picture of Bar Refaeli, picked for her blog post "Decisions"This is a guest post by Bar Refaeli. Bar’s Facebook Page.

For me, decisions are hard to make but it’s part of life and you have to make them.

Once you do, you can’t go back. You don’t get a do-over because people don’t forgive easily. And they never forget.

Time doesn’t stop or rewinds for you to “fix everything” but you can believe that everything happens for a reason and that even though we mess up time and time again and make wrong decisions here and there…

God can take every single one of them and turn them into the life He created for you to live.

So make clear decisions and live strong!

Xmas Stress 2010

Christmas man with treeChristmas is near and again, it looks like the end of the road. Opening the door for the new year could be great, if there wasn’t your crazy monkey mind reminding you of all the gifts you did not buy yet, your missed goals of 2010, the quality of relations these days and suddenly – you are real down. Xmas, sounds like X-Men to me, you have to be a superhero to break through the stress window in December!

So what about the quality of sleep, your dreams, your hopes and fears? If you had a manual for your life, like the book of not knowing, would that change a thing? Can we learn, that happiness cannot be found (at least not with our regular approach…)?

In 2010, did you have enough energy for the good life? For me, forest bathing and the words of my perfect teacher were great tools to refill my battery. Next year, will you make (only) a sequel of the movie of your life or will you breathe to relax?

Stress and Sadness often go hand in hand and the relativity of time might teach you the value of emptiness. Try to enjoy a mini break here and there and remember that your blood type drives your stress type!

Let it sync, take a Power-Nap by ZEN-MEN, write more postcards, have a perfect tea time and stop waiting for a better offer. I have made 2512-Christmas to help you to relax in the Xmas harvest time – hopefully it is useful for you.

For the new year, I wish you all good health, much love and FUN to chop (the) wood! 🙂

The quality of Sleep

It’s all about quality. The quality of life, love, friends and family. Quantity can make you feel tired, left alone and useless.

How would you connect stress with sleep? My personal life experience is, I can sleep for 10 hours and still feel like a smashed tomato or be totally refreshed after a 15 minutes Power-Nap. What makes the difference?

Our brains are a bit like computers, we have energy saving modes like standby (that’s when you wait in this endless customer support hotline), hibernation (you try to sleep but your brain still takes a backup of today), sleep mode (your brain finally shuts off after you got a blue screen) and dreaming (only for humans, unless you are HAL 9000).

When we enter the supermarket, most of us have a tag cloud in our heads: milk, bread, tomatoes, beer, juice, water, potato chips… We are lost until we start to focus and set priorities. If you want to relax and increase the quality of your life, a good sleep is a great foundation. Power-Naps and Sleep-Ins by ZEN-MEN might be great tools for you. Happy relaxing and Bonne nuit!

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