Xmas Stress 2010

Christmas man with treeChristmas is near and again, it looks like the end of the road. Opening the door for the new year could be great, if there wasn’t your crazy monkey mind reminding you of all the gifts you did not buy yet, your missed goals of 2010, the quality of relations these days and suddenly – you are real down. Xmas, sounds like X-Men to me, you have to be a superhero to break through the stress window in December!

So what about the quality of sleep, your dreams, your hopes and fears? If you had a manual for your life, like the book of not knowing, would that change a thing? Can we learn, that happiness cannot be found (at least not with our regular approach…)?

In 2010, did you have enough energy for the good life? For me, forest bathing and the words of my perfect teacher were great tools to refill my battery. Next year, will you make (only) a sequel of the movie of your life or will you breathe to relax?

Stress and Sadness often go hand in hand and the relativity of time might teach you the value of emptiness. Try to enjoy a mini break here and there and remember that your blood type drives your stress type!

Let it sync, take a Power-Nap by ZEN-MEN, write more postcards, have a perfect tea time and stop waiting for a better offer. I have made 2512-Christmas to help you to relax in the Xmas harvest time – hopefully it is useful for you.

For the new year, I wish you all good health, much love and FUN to chop (the) wood! ­čÖé

2512 Christmas

2512-ChristmasA few years back I was asked by some friends, if I could make music for the Christmas time BUT finally relaxing, in lounge style, in short: perfect to chillout in the (most times) not-so-relaxed December time… “2512-Christmas” by ZEN-MEN was born and just got nominated by JPF in 2009 for one of the best holiday albums. Its available as oldskool CD or at iTunes.
Have a chillaxed Christmas time!
ZEN-MEN at iTunes

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xmas harvest time

I recently got an email response from a friend of mine which made me think about various things… Thanks Tom!

thanks for the link Chris!!!
yeah, I am really noticing this year, how the “season” is designed to push people too hard. ├é┬áeveryone has all these expectations and I think in many people’s heads it’s “harvest time” and they have to do everything right now…
I’m this way too, it’s funny that I will put off seeing a loved one to go to a store and buy that same person a present. ├é┬áthe priorities are all wrong!!
Looking forward to a surprise…

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